Where will Terra NFT projects go?

Terra NFT was originally in its infancy, but the Terra ecosystem was facing the most difficult dilemma in history, which inevitably made NFT enthusiasts worried: Will the collected NFTs depreciate significantly along with LUNA? How will they develop in the future, and will there be compensation plans for users?

Most of these projects are preparing to migrate to other L1 or Ethereum L2, Solana is more popular as a target chain; a few projects are starting to develop compensation plans; and some projects choose to wait for the next action of the community.

Galactic Punks are 10,921 randomly generated NFTs on the Terra blockchain. Together, they make up the GalacticDAO. Given the current situation, Galactic Punks has opted to wait for the final outcome of the Terra community.

Solid GameFi leverage products built by a passionate and experienced in-house team of more than 30 blockchain devs, crypto visionaries, financial analysts, designers, and game developers on the Terra Blockchain. Levana is uniquely positioned to continue creating and delivering wildly acclaimed, innovative products across the ecosystem.

According to the current predicament, the Levana Dragon team is considering migrating to other public chains, and has taken an effective snapshot of NFT holders to prepare for subsequent compensation.

Interdimensional NFTs on terra_money.The team will finalize the cross-chain follow-up work with developers in the next 24 hours. If the decision is made to cross-chain, players will be able to claim the original LunaBulls NFT at a ratio of 1:1.

The First Gamified NFT Marketplace on the Terra Network. Floor price: 5,000,000.00 $LUNA. Terra Luna. Total volume: 80,674,956.44 $LUNA. Terra Luna. Newest Listed

Currently Rekt Wolf is voting to migrate to Ethereum using LayerZero’s full-chain technology.

HERO is a limited edition Nft collection of unique digital collectibales thriving on both the Solana and Terra blockchains.We are the first NFT to mint on both Solana and Terra.

Hero NFTs will also be moved to Solana, and a bridge will be built to transfer assets between Solana and Terra in case users want to go back to Terra after the Terra 2.0 fork

Space Skellies collection will be 4500 supply. This is on the Terra blockchain.

Will be mint on Solana.

Lunar Assistant is a CosmWasm Discord bot for verifiable NFT ownership and dynamic role distribution

The team currently has two options: Flow and Cosmos. Snapshots of NFT holders are taken before migration.

ArtsyApes is the first project that brings digital NFTs back into the real world for you to own.This supertribe of 3.777 Apes is here to get up close and personal. The team sold UST on May 11 to get enough funds to develop. Additionally, the team is working on a move to ETH L2.

Terrans are a sapient species native to the planet Terra: an ancient world orbiting a star twice as old as Sol.

The team is working on migrating to Solana or ETH.



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